Monday, May 4, 2009

Marlins game

Hi everybody! If you are a fan of softball than you are reading the right blog! If not that is still ok because I am going to tell you about my marlins game I had with mojave and the one I am having today. First the game with mojave I won!!!! By 10 points because the score was 25 to 15 and we had 25!!!! My second game with mojave (because they wanted a rematch) we tied! Now let me tell you about my game I am having tonight at five. We are playing against Edwards here where I live. I hope all the people who read this are cheering for my team to win!!!

(P.S I hope they suck and I had a game with Boron & they won by 8 sad I know but next time we are going to win.)
Bye for now


  1. Hola alexandria! its Iyana

  2. Hey um try to contact Sara. Just go to my page and you'll see her in my follow box. I won't be here cuz i'll be at my mom's bff house so see ya! Hope u won the game! :-)