Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am sorry to all my friends!

hi everybody I wanted to say sorry to my friends Sara Iyana and Erin . I didn't want anyone getting mad at me so sorry everybody don't hate me pleeez because then i will feel bad . Sara I am sorry I got mad at you and Iyana. I didn't want this fight to happen anyway. I didn't want school to end this way and I know i don't know the jerk but I can try . I just wish I can start my friendship with you guys and erin all over so this wouldn't happen and school wouldn't end this way so if you guys don't want to be my friends anymore I understand, but I am really really really really really sorrry. So pleeeeez don't hate me .

Thursday, May 14, 2009

word #3

Hi viewers word #2 has been figured out it was school but here is word #3 hints.
- you hang out with them
- some times they betray you
-And they love to hang with you and do sleepovers with you.
Have fun viewers!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Word #2

Hi viewers I guess you guys want to know the three hints for the second word well here they are
-you go there five days a week
- teachers work there
- and you go there to learn
I hope some one figures it out soon !!

Word # 1has been figured out!!!!

Hi viewers I know you all wanted to figure out the word but it has been figured out by eric!! He said is it learn and it was in a minute you will get the second word hints .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Figure out the word #1

Hi viewers. I wanted to give you the three hints on the first word. Here they are
- You get it from teachers
-you need it to get good grades
- And you get it by reading
Happy hunting!

Gand opening of figure out the word!!!

Hi viewers and happy Cinco De mi yo . I wanted to let you guys know that I am opening a contest but do not be upset that there are no prizes. What I will do is give three hints and then when you figure out what the word is then leave it as a comment.

Monday, May 4, 2009

We Won Our Game!!!!!!!

Hello viewers. I bet you guys want to know how the game went. Well at first they were winning but then their pitcher sucked and we won by 30 points because our score was 41 points and they had 11 points!!!!!!! so thank everybody that cheered for me I sure needed it .

Your friend,

Marlins game

Hi everybody! If you are a fan of softball than you are reading the right blog! If not that is still ok because I am going to tell you about my marlins game I had with mojave and the one I am having today. First the game with mojave I won!!!! By 10 points because the score was 25 to 15 and we had 25!!!! My second game with mojave (because they wanted a rematch) we tied! Now let me tell you about my game I am having tonight at five. We are playing against Edwards here where I live. I hope all the people who read this are cheering for my team to win!!!

(P.S I hope they suck and I had a game with Boron & they won by 8 sad I know but next time we are going to win.)
Bye for now